Greg Miller

SVP Sales,

Greg and the Medicity team worked with Storyleaders to refine its approach to cultivating customer relationships, with the end goal of increasing sales. 

Ashley Ohmann

Director of Business Intelligence,

Ashley was looking for a better way to communicate information and convey complex concepts faster. 


Robert Stenberg

Director of Sales,

Robert and team were seeking a better way present content to their internal and external customers. 


Storyleaders clients include the most successful companies in the world.


Why do the world’s most successful companies trust Storyleaders?

Storyleaders teaches people how to build trust and make a personal connection with each others. For sales professionals, that leads to building relationships and closing deals. Our renowned sales program (Salesleaders) teaches sales teams how to naturally inspire people to work together, take action and thrive.

Even though the origin of our program is sales training, the core Storyleaders program has been used to refine messaging. The concepts have also been applied to team-building (Teamleaders). Our team gives companies a platform to integrate learnings across an organization. 

How Storyleaders helped us?

“This was a major differentiator for the company and how we could engage and help customers.”

Kelly Wright

EVP Sales, Tableau

“The results we’ve seen have been rather dramatic and transformational. Not just increased sales and shorter sales cycle times. But better connections with existing customers and each other.”

Greg Miller

SVP Sales, Medicity

“We found something that has changed the way people approach their lives. It’s as big as that.”

Brian Kneafsey

SVP Sales, Salesforce

HP Enterprise
Case Study

Speaking: Tammy Schuring

Program: Storyleaders

Case Study

Speaking: Barry Sowerine

Program: Teamleaders

Case Study

Speaking: Brian Kneafsey

Program: Salesleaders

Case Study

Speaking: Lacey Ford

Program: Storyleaders

What are other Storyleaders clients saying?

Joe Boissy

Chief Marketing Officer, 3VR

3VR’s marketing team built a better way to develop messaging and storytelling mechanics through the Storyleaders program.

Phil Godwin

VP of Sales, Clear Technologies

Clear Technologies turned to Storyleaders to help improve its teams ability to communicate complex concepts to customers. 

John Burke

Group Vice President, Sales Support, Oracle

Oracle worked with Storyleaders is improve customer connections and relationship-building amongst its team members. 

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