Why We Storylead

When people go all-in with each other, magic happens.


Storyleaders is a fresh approach to developing leaders that sharpens the focus on how we show up at work as individuals and teams. It puts humanity back in our day-to-day functions, allowing us to fully connect with the people around us and create extraordinary outcomes. 

When you participate in a Storyleaders program, you’ll engage in an immersive experience that challenges how you think about leadership and execution. 


HP Enterprise

Speaking: Tammy Schuring, VP Worldwide Sales

Program: Storyleaders


Speaker: Barry Sowerine, SVP, Enterprise Sales

Program: Teamleaders


Speaking: Brian Kneafsey, SVP Sales

Program: Salesleaders


Speaking: Lacey Ford, VP of Marketing 

Program: Storyleaders

Storyleaders creates a platform for connection to simultaneously improve the outcomes of your job, while transcending any one function.

It’s not leadership training, but we teach people how to lead. 

It’s not sales training, but we teach people how to sell. 

It’s not team building, but we build teams. 

We’re not personal development, but we develop people.


We provide participants with a common language that elevates their personal performance, team performance and organizational performance, delivering commonality and connection where people struggle to collaborate.

Behind every job is the same brain

Storyleaders gives you a platform to understand why and unlock the magic of high performance.  Immerse yourself in our programs, and see the change

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Do you want to build leaders?

If you’re interested in creating a platform for your organization to deliver magical outcomes, Storyleaders is for you. We’d love to connect and explore how our team can help your team show up at work as individuals and teams. Our program helps forward-thinking organizations create cultures where people connect, work together and thrive on a deeper level. That’s the magic of people being
all-in. And we want to bring it to you. Fill out the form to the left, hit submit, and w’ell be in touch.